1 July 2017

Posterity Pizza - Making food with a 3-yr-old

Every once in a while, I throw something together that just works. So, for posterity I am putting down this pizza recipe. It isn't pizza as much as vegetables and cheese on flat bread - a nuance only for the gourmand. To the 3-year-old it was pizza - and boy, a pizza worth eating all by herself.

For 1 pizza

- 1 Beekay's half-baked flat bread
- Tomato sauce (Indira's. 2 tbl sps diluted with 1 tbsp water. whisked)
- 8-10 slivers red and yellow capsicum*
- 4-6 slivers baby corn*
- 4-6 slivers onion*
- 1 ripe tomato
- 1 pod garlic
- cheese: we used 3 Amul processed cheese cubes (yup! bought it in a moment of madness and had to finish it) and 1 tbl sp parmesan.

* these are veggies I needed to finish.

In heavy bottom pan, melt a tsp of butter, throw in chopped garlic, saute, fill nostrils with heavenly buttered-garlic smell. Add tomato paste. Keep on low. Chop veggies. Meanwhile, asked kid to grate cheese. It's messy but lovely as she is now involved in the cooking. The paste should be bubbling and reduced now. Add chopped tomato and turn off heat. Pre-heat oven to 200oC.

Final stage
Prepare pizza base by oiling the bottom mildly. Add sauce. Put salt and pepper to taste. Now with kid, decorate with veggies. Add cheese. It's a mess all over the kitchen. I know. Pop into oven. Bake for 5-7 minutes.

Enjoy. We got through it so fast that only a sliver was left for the photo.

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