22 January 2015

Time: a new personal perspective

I consciously decided to save a memory from graduate school: Of waking up on weekends and sitting for hours on the dining table, reading fiction or non-ficition, something not work-related. I would keep making cups of Taj Mahal tea bag tea and snacking on cereal, eggs, then toast and on till lunch time. I would wear a sweatshirt over my night PJs, and a bathrobe and loll about while the sun shined through our kitchen. I was always cold, so the sun was welcoming and warm.

Today, I leap out of bed early, weekend or not, and count the number of minutes I have before D wakes up to decide what all I can accomplish. No dithering. On days when I can be ready and finish my breakfast before her first cry, I feel like I did when I finished running double digit miles for the first time - elated. I also like being in charge and having this extra time in the morning really makes me feel in control.

Time has become such a precious resource now that I even make a list of websites that I need to visit (!) having lost the luxury to simply surf. Luckily I don't do social media, so my distractions are limited. Blessedly, I have trained my family not to expect me to pick their calls or respond immediately to the ringing of the phone, so at that front too I have little to worry about. My garden though is suffering. Already it wasn't well because Gulmohar trees, which had been decapitated when we first moved here, have leaves and what not now, so there's no sun in our balcony. The compost has been smelling too because it started to get too much wet waste and not enough dry; that's slowly being repaired though.

And of course, I haven't been able to keep up with the blogging schedule.

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