14 January 2015

*Short Story* The benefits of being evil - Part I

It was a busy Saturday night - under Rukmini's nose flowed trays of cocktails, vadas, Gobi manchurians, vodka shots and the rare neat whisky. The bar was so packed that Rukmini had to put out a "Sorry, we are full" sign. She had never imagined this. A client suggested that she hire a bouncer to screen and manage the crowd. Rukmini had thought it was said in jest, a compliment to the popularity of the bar, but now it seemed like it was a necessity.

She slipped into the bathroom to make sure the stalls were clean. Lying blatantly on the counter next to the sink was what appeared to be the pen that one gets with a pregnancy kit. Rukmini quickly grabbed a tissue and tossed it into the wastepaper basket. It did catch her eye that two blue lines were visible in the little window on the pen. Wasn't that supposed to mean positive for pregnancy? The first thoughts after disposing the pen was of annoyance - shouldn't the girls be doing this in the privacy of their own bathrooms? This wasn't the waiting room for a gynaecologist. Then once Rukmini the bar owner was done being irritated, Rukmini aunty took over and wondered if the person who took the test was OK. Hopefully she wasn't drinking tonight.

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