8 January 2015

South Indian Coffee: invoking Panduranga

A few years ago we holidayed in Chikmagalur and stayed on a coffee estate. I knew that much Indian coffee came from these parts; the nuances we learned while we visited. So on our return, we picked up a coffee packet. I joked at the store that since we don't get this coffee in Bangalore, there was no point getting addicted to it. Lo, he says, but we deliver.

Thus began our gourmet luxury coffee drinking experience. We now have this delivered to our home, 4-5 times a year. You simply SMS the owner with your address. He sends you the total amount to be credited to his account. A couple of days after the transfer, your coffee is delivered. 

The stuff is pricey, at Rs 250 for 500g. But the coffee is delightful.

If you would like to experience it visit them at pandurangacoffee.com and get yourself a pack. I also think these make for great gifts for those people who like their coffee and local estate-sourced stuff.

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