18 January 2015

*Short Story* The benefits of being evil - Part III

Rekha was peeved; it was an affront to her excellent PR skills to admit that she could be mistaken. So she set about finding out more about the caller. Her name was Rose and her claim to fame in the bar circle was that she was having an affair with an older man. The excitement did not end at him being married, he also happened to be the local real estate mafia don. All this would have sounded fictitious had their pick up rendezvous not been the bar, where all her friends could witness a tinted Audi role up to her on Saturday nights. Rose's friends had assumed that the affair would last a couple of months, and then if lucky, Rose would still be alive. Rose had a blasé attitude to the whole situation - she was having a good time and didn't think it worth to worry about consequences. Yet, consequences were there and of a kind she did not expect.

The man was in love with her. He proposed marriage to her, offering to dissolve his current marriage and talking to her parents to solemnise their union. How do you introduce a divorced old gangster as a potential spouse to your parents? You don't. Yet, Rose had accepted the proposal, and by putting floating conversations and rumours together, Rekha felt that it was her bachelor party that she wanted to celebrate that night.

Next Saturday Rukmini made a special effort to seek out Rekha who identified Rose. A baby-faced, button-nosed woman met her gaze; not what Rukmini thought would set the heart of a mafia man afire. Perhaps she was influenced by Hindi movies who always had the villain's mistress as a buxom, lascivious lass with ruby lips and a feisty temper. Ah men.

That evening Rukmini found a pregnancy pen on the bathroom counter, again.

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  1. "How do you introduce a divorced old gangster as a potential spouse to your parents? You don't."
    I love it!! Eagerly waiting for more.

    S :)

    p.s. sorry for whining about my comments. Didn't realise you had to approve them. I typed them on my phone and just assumed it was something to do with that.