15 January 2015

*Short Story* The benefits of being evil - Part II

As Rukmini went through the motions of cleaning up the bar that night, she found that she couldn't stop thinking about the stick. There was something about finding it that disturbed her. Why, she couldn't say? She tried to analyze her feelings - what did it matter that it was left on the counter, or that someone felt safe enough to use the bar's bathroom for the test? It was a personal choice that did not hurt anyone or the bar's reputation. Yet, it nagged her. It felt personal and she didn't understand why. She tossed and turned in bed that night and woke up cross.

Rekha visited that morning and tried to bring some cheer into her life. She launched into gossip to distract Rukmini. A few days ago she received a phone call to arrange a party for a bride-to-be and the party had to be two days later; the client used the word "emergency".   Who has an "emergency" bachelor party? And they were clear that the party had to be at Shantam Pappum. Rekha scrambled to figure out how to organize this party, since the money was good, but before she could call Rukmini to know of the bar's availability, the caller cancelled her request. Rekha thought she found another organizer, but when she asked around in her network, no one had heard of this caller. What was really odd was that last night, she saw the caller here, at the bar, and when Rekha asked her about the bachelor party, she looked puzzled and concluded that Rekha must have made a mistake.


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