2 January 2015

Of annoyances that turned into blessings

When we were looking for an apartment near my work place, as is my method, I made a list of our requirements, in decreasing order of priority. I thought I hit jackpot, except of course, when N came to grant his seal and pointed out obvious drawbacks that I was in denial about. Well, today, those little things are helping us, and how.

We live by a railway line, which in the recent past got a second line, so double the train noise. Our entire home is treated to Dolby surround sound quality train symphony, every couple of hours. For the 30 seconds that the train passes us, we cannot have a conversation. If the bedroom window is open, you would think a train will burst through the balcony any moment. When we had asked about the noise before shifting we were assured that a) oh, it wasn't very frequent at all and b) we'll get used to it. Wrong on both counts. All this now seems wonderfully self-centred when you consider that the train noise is particularly loved by our daughter D. It works well when you want to distract her. I am beginning to suspect that her first word might be "train". 

Right below our apartment is the children's playground. They emerge in the evenings, and on holidays, converging like moths to a flame. I was typically not around in the apartment during those times, and only on the weekends did I have to hear the thwack of a bat, fielding advice, girls running around screaming...you know the noises. Sometimes, as I was trying to catch a nap, I would see a little monkey sneaking into our balcony to retrieve a ball. And on one occasion, I came home to a broken pot of a prized green-thingie. Ya, ya I don't know the name, but it had memories. One of the first things I was able to grow. Now this lot is great entertainment for D and they pop over sometimes to come play with her - girls only, the boys bat to see if she is following their sixes! Ah what pleasure to sit with her while she quietly sits mesmerised by the sounds of giggles, screams and high-pitched whining!

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