16 January 2015

Managing your legacy

A musing. And yes, yes, cheating blog post as it's a day late.

Taking a break from the short story where I only had a title and I am cooking up the plot, bit by bit.

So, a few years back I had blogged about a job titled legacy consultant. I believe that people's ambitions can be best summed up as an angst - will they be remembered? and how? My job as consultant would of course be to suggest ways in which they could be etched. The easy-way is to have kids. But that's a ultra high risk investment - no way to tell if they'll want to remember you. Plus incubation time is very high.

On the other hand, have you considered a flyover being named after you? PV Narashima Rao has this flyover in Hyderabad. Shyam Prasan Mookherji has one in Mathikere, Bangalore. Would these gentleman really consider a flyover as sufficient legacy?

Personally, I am going for a garbage segregation center to be named after me. And maybe if funds permit, a library.


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  2. Hi Pagan: Picture?

    Oh the names are arbitrarily chosen. SPM is the flyover I was on when I had this muse. PVR is the only other flyover I could remember from the top of my head.

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