12 January 2015

Eco femme: cloth sanitary pads

Graphic details follow. Reader discretion advised.

A few months ago I mused about using cloth sanitary pads. An attempt to move away from the rather environmentally unfriendly plastic thingummies. Back in the day, a pad looked like a baby pillow and I swear I could feel it sticking out like an additional bum. D with her diaper, reminds me of those days. Today of course we have ultra thin, wings, XL, front cover, pearl beads and god knows what else. But the bottom line is that it's made of plastic that doesn't biodegrade. So, I went online and got myself a few of these Eco femme pads. They are made by a women's self help group in Auroville. Comments:

- Comfort: Surprisingly, the pads are super comfortable. They come with the a little clip mimicking the "wings" feature of regular pads. They look ungainly, but fit like a charm. Plus you would think with the cloth you would feel wet and gooey much more, but you don't. I don't know what technology they use to make this stuff, but you feel comfortably dry. I use the day pad for the night as well and it does a fabulous job. I especially like the feeling in this thing - it feels like a well worn undy and you don't get the sense that there's something sticking out.

- Care:  Yes, so its obviously annoying that you can't toss the pad into the washing machine straight away. It has to be soaked, and mine got a strange odour as well. You have to include the time to wash it in your daily routine. I basically put it in cold water, scrub it in the shower, let it dry and then toss it in the washing machine. However, this leads to my next comment,

- Figuring out how many you need: I ordered 3. Not sufficient. Especially since I get little sunlight in my balcony and it takes forever for the pad to dry. I only got the day pads since my flow isn't a tsunami and it peters out starting Day 3. But I am going to have to order more, so that I don't use any plastic ones at all. 

- Storage while away from home On this front I have been remiss. While there is an option to buy a carry bag to pocket your used pad while on the go, I just wasn't comfortable doing this, especially since I have the odour issue. Since I stay 5 ticks from home though, I can pop in, put it in to soak and slip in a new one pretty easily. 

- A small complaint. I ordered 3 single day pads. I was disappointed that they were all of the same print. But that's just because I enjoy prints. 

If you are thinking of moving to a cloth pad, I recommend you try Ecofemme. Just prepare mentally for the washing. 

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  1. Hi magha, howz the comfort as well wash n wear ease...i need to order as i want such eco friendly sustainable stuff. Feel sad vn i use the regular disposables that add to the trash mountains v hv created. Thnks