22 January 2015

Cultural things that I liked in Germany

I was in Germany for three months last year and it was my first extended stay in that country. It's always fun to go live by yourself in a place where no one knows you, so you get the time and freedom to have experiences and make observations that are truly your own.

here are couple of things I liked:

1. Share cars: I tried blablacar as well as mitfahrgelegenheit, now run by carpooling.com. Services that allow individual car drivers to announce their travel from point A to B and fill in their car. Long-distance car pooling. You require a certain amount of trust to do this type of stuff. Given the high rape incidence and general security issues in India, this certainly won't go very far here. This offered an alternate to getting around - since train at the last minute is too expensive and bus rides can be too long. I was concerned about language but I assume that people who do this type of stuff already have an open mind to strangers and it really did not affect my journey.

2. Bus travel app: Even though I was in a small town like Wurzburg, public transport was decent, to the extent that they had an app for the buses which in real time could spit out what buses you could take, linked to a map, so you knew where the bus stop was, and for your convenience, it could even calculate the amount of time it would take to walk there from your current position. Perhaps this is a reality in much of the west already, since they were big on punctuality, systems and order longer than we have been and digitalising their system was easy. 

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