4 January 2015

Chitra Sante 2015

An event that is truly Bangalorean - the art (Chitra) market (sante) that happens around this time of year. Artists come from across India (yes, yes advert said artists from Karnataka, but there was quite a few non-karnataka folks), string up their art and allow you to immerse yourself in a concept, or diagram of the artists' imagination. Plus eat murmura, peanuts and other chatpata stuff usually found on beaches.

A pleasant surprise was the line to get food. Yes, a line. There were no barricades or strings to let you know where the line was, but through community pressure it was enforced. There were no break-ins while I was in line, and it was the kids most times who were reluctant when goaded by their parents to cut the line. All civil and chummy.

I was particularly struck by this one painting, where the artist, Mr Naveen Kumar G had set a single woman by a peepal tree sitting idly next to a closed door above which was a miniature of Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon". (pictured) If I had the wall space, it would be hanging at home now. But alas! There were a lot of Buddhas, abstract Ganesha's and Tanjore paintings, which are not my cup of tea. One artist had a water theme, not as a natural phenomenon, but as a scarce resource, using a water tanker and empty steel pots to make his point. Lots of colour, shapes and texture - can be quite overwhelming.

My buy was a water colour. My camera doesn't do it justice! :)

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