9 January 2015

Celebrating D's milestones

Today was a visit to D's doctor. We held our breath as she was put on the weighing scale.

D is a LBW baby. I only knew it as a cricket term before D. Now enlightened: low birth weight.

With a dietician for a mother and being ultra-conscious about being healthy, I wanted to make it my mission to get her weight up. We are monitoring her gram to gram progression. Our ped here is rather measured and kind - when he first examined her, he commented that for an LBW her weight gain was good. And again today, the first comment he made was that she was gaining weight nicely. She's still below the suggested minima for her age, but if you saw her crawling and standing, you wouldn't think that she had any limitations. The low weight probably helps her be nimble. Anyway, it was nice today that my expectation and the number on the weighing scale matched.

You go girl!

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear that the little one is doing well :) Good for her.