1 January 2014

Writing Resolutions

I start the year with a challenge. I am participating in a Blogathon where you write a post every single day for a month. There are quite a few participants and quite a few prompts by Maya @ dreamymommy. I learned about this from R's Mom.

I have never written a blog post to deadline. I started writing when I needed a way to walk out off and come to terms with a life-altering painful situation. I wrote from the heart, still do, only now I worry more about sounding correct - grammatically, not politically! :) 

The biggest source of writing joy has been story-telling: The adventures of Rukmini, who runs A Bar Called Shantum Pappum, have been fun to dream up. It all started with a conversation with N, about how in India pure vegetarian food and alcohol are considered incompatible. N is vegetarian and enjoys his drink, like many other vegetarians I know. So the bar was born - a pure veg establishment that can also serve you kick-ass vodka martinis; the twist of lime on top is that the bar is exclusively for women. Rukmini provides a personality, and the bar a venue, for the short stories. I often wonder if a) Rukmini is my alter ego, and b) my writings make me a feminist? I try to make Rukmini think, act and talk differently from what I would have done in a situation, but for those who know me, I think the distinction might not be there at all. About feminism, I haven't given it too much of thought. A big thank you to my friend Shoots for always stopping by and reading my stories. Just knowing that she will always read and comment is a big motivation for me.

Anyhow, with that as context, my new year resolutions are going to revolve around writing, basically exhorting my imagination to try a little harder:
  1. Try to write more from a perspective of a man
  2. Finish the Rukmini travel stories to develop writing skills that describes different cities and people. 
  3. Try to explore more general life experiences, rather than women-centric ones.
  4. Write a comic Rukmini story.
If you have had the time to read the short stories, please share your comments. 

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