21 January 2014

What I learned yesterday

Yes, this is a desperate attempt at keeping the blog alive through the marathon. 

- If I sit back just a little bit in padmasana, feel my buttocks kiss the ground, I can lengthen the spine a lot more. My teacher repeats to me, "Keep your back straight" and I feel like I have stretched it as much as I can. A quick glance in the mirror confirms that I could audition for the hunchback of Notre-dame. Obviously, there's a disconnect, and I think I have solved one part of the puzzle. Now the challenge is to keep my back straight. 

- gingelly (sesame seed/til) oil, is the not the best medium for tadka in palakwali dal. I try to mix up my oil usage, coconut for beetroot/ avial, peanut for dosa/tadka, ghee for rasam/plain dal. I normally use gingelly for chinese stir-fry types. It tasted strange with moong-dal. 

- cast iron pan needs to be cleaned properly with boiling water, preferably right after cooking. 

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  1. The last point is the one I follow regularly :-)