22 January 2014

Three must try local dishes - Bangalore

I was inspired to blog about this after reading a BBC article on this topic, and I am writing this just before lunch so all I can think about is food.

Local dishes in Bangalore. First, let's define local. I can't think of one specific thing that's made in Bangalore that would not be made somewhere in South India. Therefore, I am going to take liberty of including items that would ordinarily be found elsewhere, but I think has typical Bangalorean formulation. These items are all vegetarian - no particular reason, and things we would eat for 'tiffin', our version of a snack. In no specific order,

  1. Khara bun. Dotted in various markets you will find some version of an Iyengar Bakery. There will be many baked goodies here. My favorite is khara bun - a spiced bun. It's not spicy hot, but flavoured with pepper, chillies etc. Get them fresh right out of the oven, and they can be enjoyed with tea or coffee. 
  2. Akki Roti. At a darshini (Shiv Sagar, Sukh Sagar, all the various oceans/sagars of food), this would be served only as a tiffin item - between 4pm and 7pm. It's made of rice flour and served with red chutney. My favourite stop for this is, Ganesh Darshan next to Jayanagar Shopping complex. While here, also try the ragi roti.
  3. Jola Rotti & Brinjal curry. This is a north Karnataka item. So, not really hitting the local mark. However, if you really enjoy Jola (Jowar; some type of millet) roti, you should eat them fresh. The best place I tried this is Hotel Kamat Minerva, just off Lalbagh. They serve a thali lunch with these items which is super tasty. A perfect way to combine a visit to the park. Another place to check out for this type of food to Hotel Nalapaka, Rajajinagar.


  1. I love akki roti!

  2. I remember trying khara buns when I did a summer project in Bangalore. My sister lived close to a bakery and the smell was impossible to resist!

    I'm really enjoying your blogathon.

    Love, S

  3. Isn't chow-chow bath a food item unique to Bangalore?

  4. Wow! nothing like food to bring out the comments. :)

    @momsince27, am sure given your talent with medu vadas, you probably have a fabulous recipe for akki roti?

    @ shoots, yes, those damn bakeries always lure with the smell

    @ chummfan, yes I didn't think of those, probably because I don't enjoy the combination. But you are right, that's a Bangalore thing