7 January 2014

Things Change: From managing people to managing flies

A comparison of my life

From 2 years ago:
Get up, yoga, breakfast, step out with BB glued to ear, go up the road to office in share auto, stare into two screens all day long, drink coffee at regular intervals, have meetings in groups, singly, write tonnes of emails, read applications, make lots of decisions, manage several egos, walk home with BB glued to ear, buy veggies, make dinner, read book, sleep.

to now:
Get up, inspect plants, realize phone is dead, find charger, go to lab, inspect flies, squish, dissect larvae, check for virgins, set up crosses, pray flies lay eggs, process blots, drum fingers nervously while machine reveals if blot has worked, transfer flies, go to market, buy veggies, look at stock portfolio, come back to lab, collect more virgins, look at accumulated wealth of failed experiments, go home or to yoga class, make dinner, eat dinner, go back to lab to transfer flies again, get ragged by grad students about being a forever postdoc, go home, try very hard to read Economic and Political Weekly, fail, read something light, sleep.

Even though flies are a lot more work, I prefer them to people any day. At least they don't hold grudges, and expect to have their ego stroked all the time. I find flies to be far more professional than colleagues! Hmm... just re-read this bit - kinda obvious now why I don't have any friends. :)

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