14 January 2014

Sonia Gandhi - An inspiration for handloom sarees

Whenever I see a report about Sonia Gandhi, I dive in excitedly - to see what saree she is wearing. If it is one of those shots with just her face, then the excitement is short-lived; if not, I pass silent judgement at her choice. Most often the judgement is admiration, laced with envy. Where does she get her collection of handloom sarees from? I admire her choice immensely and the exacting way in which she drapes herself. Her ensemble is always dignified and if you notice carefully, she matches sarees to the occasion, picking handlooms that come from the area that she is visiting: ikat for Orissa, Maheswari for MP. That is a level of detail I see no other women politician in India practicing; not even her own daughter who emulates her choice in sarees, comes close to the style and elegance she represents.

I love wearing sarees and am rather rigidly devoted to handloom cottons. The occasional kancheepuram silk is part of my wardrobe but it's a concession. What I love to look at, and buy are handspun cottons, preferable where I can understand who the weaver might be and how it was processed. Just the smell of handloom cotton delights me.

I was inspired to write this post as I wore my latest Malkha Khadi (pictured) kurta today. Enjoying the feel of khadi and look of vegetable colours!

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