30 January 2014

Preparing for Grandma

Amma (My grandmother) and I go way back - I think to the time I was born. She has the restless syndrome - cannot stop doing something useful with her time, all the time! We don't have cable, so that frees up TV watching time as well. Last time she visited, I came home and opened my kitchen cupboards to see - look at the photo - all the spices were neatly organized and labelled. Now I don't have to open four boxes before I find what I am looking for, or worse not find what I am looking for (all this typically happens while the stuff cooking on the stove is slowly burning to a crisp). So we have Amma for a week again and this time, N and I have made a list of things we would like her to do. It starts with making butter from all the cream we accumulate. Hurrah for kind, loving and restless Amma.

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