31 January 2014

Phew - Blogathon - Last day. Thoughts

Lessons-learned time. I like doing these exercises: do something, and then try and distill what I learned from it. Besides, it nicely provides a topic for the last post of this Blogathon. 

What did I learn from this exercise?

- I am not as opinionated as I thought. When I took up this challenge, I thought finding topics would be easy because I can complain about just anything. Perhaps, I have matured enough to not have that many things to complain about? Isn't that backwards though? I thought the older you get, the more you crib. 

- There is only so much I can write about myself. After a while it got nauseating. I mean, really - my life is not that interesting. Although I can't help but share that I saw a snake on the road today. I had to swerve hard right to avoid running it over with the scooter.

- I can't pop out Rukmini stories to a deadline. In spite of my friend Shoots giving me some brilliant ideas for context, I couldn't get the flow going. It wasn't writer's block - I would write a couple of paras, and then when I re-read them it would appear more boring than the guarantee section of the washing machine user manual. I am working on the Rukmini pieces and hopefully, will publish them in Feb.

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