16 January 2014

Petpals column in The Hindu

This post is inspired by R's mom post today describing the characteristics of a Tambram mama; it includes a penchant obessession for The Hindu. When I read this part of her description, I felt she was talking about me!

Tuesdays in The Hindu are exciting for me. I race to open the supplement, and search for the Petpals column. Nested in the write up are pictures of puppies. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Who doesn't like looking at puppies? For the cat lovers, there are kittens sometimes too. Cats don't make me smile though - Sorry, I am a big time dog lover and neutral about cats.

Your choice of newspaper can stereotype your political inclination. I wasn't aware of this when I first thought about subscribing to one. I just knew that reading a newspaper in the morning was part of my routine. In the US I read the The New York Times. Here, I read The Hindu. This choice I learned essentially placed me as a left wing liberal, tending to communism. Frankly, I don't understand these labels.

A newspaper, first and foremost, should inform. The second aspect for me, is the quality of information. The third, is the breadth. Of all the choices available to me, only The Hindu appears to offer a decent spread of information, in English that isn't cluttered with typos and exaggerations. Show me puppies once-a-week and I am sold!

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