24 January 2014

My concept of time

Yipee, only a week left for the blogathon to end. 

If my readers are wondering about some of the blog topics, N is responsible. "Cows", "FDI in retail" - these were all his suggestions. So is this. It's a point of major disagreement with us.

Okay, so about time. I hate being late. Hate is a strong word and I use it consciously. And for me being late is a physiological reaction. I hate myself most of all for being late and feel extremely agitated knowing I am late. Now in India, being late is a cultural character. Time is fluid. If someone wants to meet you, they'll give a time and 10-15mins late is considered good etiquette. For me, appointment time is a time, not a window, and about a minute or so late is acceptable. Not more. I like to practice punctuality and it is extremely difficult being married to someone for whom the same standards don't apply. We get to shows on time, but when meeting people it is fluid. I get the idea: different rules for different situations. But I don't gel with it. Yes, quite a military attitude.

I like pack my day so that each event is planned and timed. I like it when things move in precise steps. I like to know how long it will take to get somewhere and then plan my day accordingly. Some might be clicking their heads going, "tsk, tsk, totally lacking spontaneity"! Very true.

I also get perturbed when things don't start on time. Shows, trains, flights etc. And the most exasperating idea of them all, it is acceptable if things run late. As in, if things do go ahead in a timely fashion, it is a bonus. Gah!

What to do? Can't say. N keeps reminding that after we have children I can't afford to have this attitude, so I might as well start getting used to time as a fluid concept.

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