13 January 2014

Killing hunger pangs

I can't remember a time when I haven't wondered what was there for the next meal. I had a colleague who would have eaten cereal and come to lab by 7am, his next meal was in the evening, when he went home for dinner. Me - Breakfast at 830, coffee at 10, lunch at 1230, coffee at 2, snack at 4/5, dinner at 8. I also do dessert at dinner, everyday, even if it is just a little piece of chocolate. When it emerged that eating often, but less quantities was the way to go, I was patting myself for having a healthy lifestyle.

Part of the obsession is physiological, my blood sugar drops quickly and I get extremely cranky if I don't eat right away. A trait I share with my sister, so there's a genetic tint to it. For me symptoms include, my hands starting to shake and being totally unable to have coherent thought. But then I see people who fast, without taking a drop of water, go on with their daily life without an incident, and wonder if this food craving is also a sign of poor self-control.

I don't think I will ever be able to diet. That would be a living nightmare for me. Even as a teenager, who was most conscious of her paunch, I could not diet. I ran crazily up and down stairs because I read in a magazine that they give shapely thighs, but I could not cut out anything in my diet.

With age though, metabolism changes and I have had to consider options for what to eat. Our canteen offers fried goodies for snacks, not the best option to eat everyday. N made me a snack pack (he's usually at the end of the low blood glucose crabbiness) with chikki (yummy) and energy bars (ugh!). Luckily, I don't have a taste for sev, bhujiya, mixture so I avoiding those is not a problem. But then, what to snack on? Here's what I have on me these days:

Chikki (peanut & sesame), sugar coated gooseberry (amla), dried channa (no salt or masala).

Any other low-cal alternatives I should be trying?


  1. My favourite - yogurt and granola! I make my own granola too :)


  2. Nice idea. Fruit yogurt is still nascent here. Can't imagine slopping homemade dahi all over tasty granola. But you have given me an idea...stock dry granola in lab as snack. And making your own granola? Wicked!