8 January 2014

I can't tell left from right; well, not intuitively anyway.

I have a brain wiring issue when it comes to telling the difference between right and left. Try this - raise your right hand. You did it in what? Under 1 sec. For me, it takes about 15secs. Not the lifting part; the thinking about which side is right part. I know which is which, only I can't tell you that right away.

Funnily enough, I have a fantastic sense of direction. I only have to visit a place once to know a route, even in a new city. I don't even have to consciously register the route. It just happens. Ask me directions though, to even a route I take all the time, then there are lots of pauses as I try to figure out which is right, and which is left.

This is most excruciating when I am sitting next to someone who doesn't know the way, and I do. Then I have to communicate left and right. Poor auto fellows; I have left them tearing their hair out because I would be pointing with my finger to a certain landmark and saying aloud the complete opposite direction. When I drive with N now, the rule is: follow my hand, because verbalizing the direction is way too much work. Also, when I have to say directions in a hurry, my tongue gets tied up because of the traffic jam in my brain and I get really frustrated, thus ending up barking instructions because I am annoyed with myself.

It's a peculiar tick!


  1. I notice that your blogethon is coming along quite well.best of luck

  2. Thanks Ma. It's really challenging to post something everyday!