4 January 2014

Desi Crepe - Nutella, Roti & Fruit - Five minute breakfast

I have become lazy about cooking breakfast especially since I now live 5 minutes from work and we have a decent canteen that serves up upma, idli, parantha and all manner of savory items. There is the taste and oil issue, but ordering something takes way less time than cooking and cleaning. So, here's what I do on days when I feel I should eat at home.

Step 1: Take old roti (mine are like 20 hrs old by this time, cause the maid makes them each morning; also, ahem, pat on the back, our rotis are not plain old wheat affairs; I add soy, ragi, bajra flours in whatever ratio I fancy. Note on ratio in another post. Got to have something interesting to say for another 27 days! caramba)
Step 2: Wrap in kitchen towel. Shove in microwave. 30 seconds. Start. Let it stay in there for as much as time as it takes for me to do step 3. I do this as our rotis, because of all the other flours in them are like frisbees sometimes; letting them soak up the steam from the towel makes them a tad bit softer.
Step 3: Chop fruit - either banana or strawberry. Haven't tried any other fruit.
Step 4: Spread nutella on roti.
Step 5: Roll and enjoy!

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