18 January 2014


I normally don't think much about them. But they figure in my life in two ways:

On the road. My commute to work is 500m; yes, half a km. Yet, I always come across at least 2 bovine creatures once a day. Slowly swaying their buttocks, they languorously move across the road only when they hear traffic approaching. Try honking, and maybe you will get a sideways glance. Try to go around them, and they will change their path to intersect with your vehicle. Go slowly and you'll be slapped on the face with a swish of their tail.

As compost material. Gobar - green gold I call it. One of the first ingredients you collect when you start gardening is soil. Go to a nursery and the caretaker will immediately sense you are a newbie. You price tag will now increase exponentially each time you open your mouth. Soil, eh? With manure or without? You don't think about this. With manure, you say with authority and without realizing get poorer by twice the cost. How? Because "with manure" is simply the same soil with goat and cow poop. They collect it in the farms (read: get it for free), add it to the soil and then jack up the price. So now, when I go fill up soil (which I get from an open excavation site, thanks to the construction boom Bangalore is littered with these!) I just pop some of dry gobar lying around. Cheap thrills from beating the system! Now, if only I had a goat - then broccoli leaves would also have a taker.

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