12 January 2014

Baby Pink Peanuts

Normally, I wouldn't gush about the colour of my garden produce. I can't tell colour, rather I can't associate colour names with the colour. The basic red, blue, black is what I can manage. Mauve, purple, mustard, cyan are beyond me.

But look at these peanuts. Who knew they would come out blush pink. This was the harvest of my peanut planting. I planted 3 peanuts and this was my yield, not the greatest output. Peanut growing is a long term experiment I am carrying out on potted soil. I am seeing if this is a natural way to rejuvenate the soil between crops. Hopefully, some Rhizobium has grown along with the roots of these plants. My blasted balcony gets little to no direct sunlight, so with this awful handicap I have to figure out what to grow next.

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