5 January 2014

1522 - Our neighbourhood pub

Not for nothing does Bangalore have a reputation as a pub city. About 15 years ago when we started to do the pubs, it was Pecos. Now there are plenty more options to nurse your drink and enjoy music. N and I like beer so the slew of breweries has been a boon. The only problem is that they are all located where all the yuppies are - CBD, Indiranagar, Kormangala etc. The drive out there is long, and then for the drive back we have to be mindful of drinking and driving, because the cops here are super vigilant. Even with one beer their breath-analyzer goes over the limit [our experience: if their machine continuously registers below limit digits, they will go and find a machine where they get a number they like!]. The checks, however are required. So, we found something in North Bangalore, which can definitely be called a neighbourhood pub.

Located on the road connecting Malleshwaram and Rajajinagar, a few clicks from the swanky Orion Mall, 1522 is an otherwise nondescript road. There are shop fronts on the main road, and the narrow road leading away have homes stuck together on 30' X 40' plots. Cosy. [read between lines: parking is an issue].

They have kingfisher on draft. Yes, draft. So you can get a pitcher and make your way through peanut masala. There are non-veg goodies as well. What we like is that they play the music we enjoy, loudly, so you can sign off-key and no one will know. You can easily speak with the waiters in Kannada and not get a *what a rural bumpkin look*. They have expanded their space, so there are lots of nooks and crannies to snuggle with your drink. Above all, it is simple - the decor, the menu (no fancy nachos, pastas and three-cheese sandwiches, it's amul all the way baby) and the type of people who come in.

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