13 December 2013

Real estate crazy Bangalore

Hoardings in Bangalore predominantly come in two flavours - jewellery adverts or real estate ads. Why these are the only items worth marketing, is a rant for another post. What really galls me is the content of the ads. Jewellery, is most times Indian. Fine, we like our gold and at least sometimes, these are aesthetic. You might not like jewellery, but you can admire the design. 

With apartment ads though, all you see is - Californian-style villa, Spanish-villa, Italian-marble, German-architect. I never see ads about structures that take inspiration from a Toda tribal hut or Chettinad-style veranda or fabulous ventilation of a Kerala tharvadu? No mention ever about a South-American, African or Asian aesthetic, barring sometimes, a Japanese zen garden. Are we this obsessed with living like the west? 

Regardless of the price you pay for your foreign-labelled home, you'll still have to get your water from the corporation, electricity from BESCOM and your maid from a halli nearby. The thesaurus has been milked dry for adjectives to define "luxury" on the hoarding. When you finally settle in that dream home, everything about it is Indian - a dozen rules were probably flouted for construction, the land might have had shady antecedents and your main source of water would be the bore-well that will run dry in a couple of years. Such a mismatch between what you are promised, and what you get. 

Yet, the city's real estate is like an adolescent on growth hormones. The skyline is dotted with apartments, sticking out like acne. Ugh. I live in one of them, and have to call it home.


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