27 November 2013

BUMmed out

I wanted to get back into running and started as usual with the 3 miler on the treadmill. I like the treadmill to start off because you can monitor your pace and be forced to run the desired distance. Plus, it being India, I can wear shorts in the gym and not have to worry about light conditions, status of road romeos etc. 

So, there I am, running. All going well. I do a mildly higher pace and can keep up. When I start, the soreness usually comes the next day, in the thighs. This time it started in the butt. The annoying thing was I couldn't pin-point the location. Usually if you have a muscle ache if you press this way and that you'll find where the pain is most, and what type of kneading helps. With the bum pain, I couldn't do this. No matter how hard I pressed, all I felt was squishy fatty tissue. With the help of Dr Google I figured out there are plenty of muscles and I might have actually injured something.

Now, the funny thing is describing this. I was amazed to learn that using the word bum, made some people blush. How to describe it? My arse hurts? My posterior, south and outward of the sacrum is throbbing? I have a bum pillow too now. Sitting on hard surfaces for more than half hour hurts. Surely the best excuse to walk out of boring lectures. 

After a major mental battle, I went to see a doctor, whose diagnosis was something something stress, which needs an MRI. So I have to get my ass checked out medically. Thrilling, eh? If the tone of this para was not clear: I dislike going to doctors. The pain has reduced considerably though and I think I might be able to start my yoga routine. I have continued to eat like a pig, but stopped all exercise. Everything is just more squishy and fatty. Ugh.

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  1. Oh dear! I do hope that you are feeling better. I have a whole list of synonyms for bum, depending on who I'm talking to. Can write you a whole email describing the words and context ;) Meanwhile, take care of that behind.

    Love, Shoots :)