21 April 2013

Karnataka elections 2013 - links to information for Bangalore

Update: 25 April. INC released its manifesto yesterday. It has been reported in the media, but neither can I find an online version, nor does the INC webpage carry one. 
This is the first election that I would be casting my vote. As an armchair citizen I went online today to figure out who was standing in my constituency, and what were the general issues they or their party wanted to address. As a service to other armchair citizens, here are some links which would hopefully make your voting choice more informed.
  • If you are not already on the voter list - yikes! The date for getting your name on it has passed.
  • To figure out your constituency visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka. Find your name in the voter list, doing so will also reveal your constituency and where your polling station is. 
  • To know who has filed a nomination for your constituency
    • CEO, Karnataka website: Although, I found the list incomplete for my constituency; perhaps, they are still updating the list. The advantage of this website is that you can view the affidavits filed by the candidate: get their phone number, email ID (!) and list of assets, amongst other things. 
    • Electionaffairs.com: You'll only see a list of names, their affiliation, age and sex.
  • Party Manifestos
    • Bharatiya Janata Party: This link is to the manifesto in English. For Kannada, try this. It's 40 pages long; if you are only interested in what they promise for Bangalore, go to page 33
    • Indian national congress: Cannot find a manifesto for Karnataka or Bangalore. The INC website is devoid of this information. All they have is a list of names!
    • Janata Dal (Secular): I have only linked the manifesto for Bangalore. They are the only party to list two separate manifestos: one for the city, and the rest for the state. There are no pdf versions.
    • Karanataka Janata Prakash: Former BJP CM Mr Yedurappa's new party. Formatting isn't a strong suit of the document. You'll have to use "search" to find Bangalore specific promises. There is a one page blurb beginning on page 37 about what they envision for the city.
    • Lok Satta Party: I could not find a Karnataka specific or Bangalore specific manifesto. On the party's webpage when you click on "Manifesto" you come to the "Aims and Objectives" of the party.
    • Other parties listed in my constituency, but with no online manifesto/ official information : Social Democratic Party of India, Rani Chennamma Party, Badavara Sharmika Raitara Congress, Bharatiya Praja Paksha (webspace shared with a real estate company!), Bharatiya Dr B R Ambedkar Janatha Party
  • Independents: Getting information on independents is difficult. The easiest way to know more would be through the CEO, Karnataka link but as I discovered not all candidates are up there yet. 

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