26 April 2013

Karnataka elections 2013 - Issues

Let me begin by stereotyping myself as a voter: urban, educated, middle class. If reports are to believed, I am the type of person who is indifferent to voting and feels disenfranchised by the democratic process. That may be the case in general, but I specifically don't feel that way. To appreciate this post, it is important though to remember my voter stereotype. I wanted to examine issues important to me.

These are the issues that are important to me as a voter that I think need to be addressed by the state government:

1. Water: I am very concerned that our ground water is being abused by the construction companies. Borewells are rife, water supply patchy and water quality abysmal. I want to see a concerted effort to rejuvenate lakes, stricter enforcement of rain-water harvesting, adequate recycling of sewage water for non-drinking purposes and tighter laws for bore well construction.  
2. Traffic: I want to see lesser private vehicles and more buses on the roads. Car-pooling should attract subsidies and parking should be charged at all public places. Street parking by home owners should be outlawed and commercial establishments who do not provide parking should be fined.
3. Garbage: Recycling should be made mandatory. Garbage handlers should be given a minimum wage and health benefits.
4. Legal services: Getting your marriage certificate, or house registered should not be a mysterious process that involves giving a bribe.

Over the weekend, I will peruse the party manifestos to see which matches my priorities.

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