14 February 2013

Driving to success - For real

A few posts ago, I printed a story in the "The bar called Shantam Pappum" series, where an abused  woman from a poor socio-economic background, turns to chauffeuring as a profession.  Just like the bar, this taxi service too is only for women, run by a woman.

I was really happy to read this article on the BBC today, which is on the same subject: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21380262

Read my story in two parts:

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  1. I had actually read this somewhere earlier on (maybe on the NDTV website) and I had to think of Shantum Pappum right away :) By the way, is Rukmini still on her pilgrimage-holiday? What happened to her travel companions?

    Shoots :)