25 January 2012

New look

It isn't often that you have hours to kill on design elements of the blog. So when I took a picture I liked I thought it would be a good idea to rejig my space.

The last picture of the pansy was taken on a trip to Chail (near Shimla) on vacation in March 2010. It was my first vacation alone and pleasantly, I was neither bored nor wanting of company. Instead, I had all the time in the world to absorb nature. What looked like yellow flecks from a distance turned out to the pansies and I was thoroughly amused how impish they looked.

In a similar frame of mind, I was walking home from IISc and looked up to see a beautiful tree against a flawless baby blue sky. I took this picture from my new phone and I was not pleased with the effect of sunlight - but hey, that just might by my poor picture taking skills. When I came home I started to play with the picture, which eventually turned into a marathon session to change the look of my blog. A few codes later, this is the look. I am not entirely satisfied, but I think it's time I unglued my ass from the chair.

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