29 January 2012

Baked papdi with Ragi

I have been slowly getting through the sea of boxes, although much of our guest bedroom continues to be cardboard-land. Since N and I had fully operational kitchens almost every utensil and grocery staple is duplicated so finding space in the kitchen for all our things have been an issue. During the reorganization I stumbled on products which we bought with much enthusiasm since it was healthy. One such product was the Ragi Dosa mix. My typical ragi dosa is merely ragi powder thrown into dosa batter but this was one of those packet contraptions that promises you heaven and delivers NH7. So, here's my attempt at recasting the product into something else.

1/2 cup ragi dosa mix*
1/4 cup whole wheat flour^
1/4 cup bleached wheat flour (Maida)
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp Ajwain seeds
1/4 tsp chilli powder
Salt to taste
Water for mixing the dough.

Mix all ingredients into a slightly wet dough. Knead well and set aside for 20mins under hydration.

Roll out dough into a thickness slightly more than a roti. Cut out circles. I used the lid of a jar. Place in a slightly greased tray. Poke holes into the papdi with a fork or else it will fluff up in the oven.

Set oven to 175oC.
Place papdi tray in heated oven. After 6 minutes flip the papdi. You can spray some more oil on the papdi, or on your finger and rub gently onto each papdi. I made one lot without oiling at all and it turned out OK.
Bake the flipped papdi for another 6 minutes. The surface of the papdi should be browned by now.
Remove and cool.
Store in air-tight jar.

The papdi were crisp but because I used the dosa batter mix which had undefined levels of methi, salt and spices so the final taste is a bit off. It's spicy but the hing seems to have developed a life of its own when baked, and is the predominant taste and smell of the papdi. I suspect the 75% non-madia and 25% maida ratio works well and in future will use the whole grain flour of various proportions in this mix.

* This is what was written on the packet I used: 52% Ragi, 26% atta, 7% urad, 5% chana, 5% rice, Methi, salt, spices - I detected hing
^ I added the flour we typically use for making rotis which at the moment has about 1/4th Ragi, 1/4th Bajra and 1/2 whole wheat. 

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