27 August 2011

Organic vegetables from my balcony gardening

When I had first written about composting, a reader asked what I intended to do with the compost once I had made it. Luckily composting takes months so I had enough time to think about this. After about 8 months the bottom pot of my khamba was full and I had a plan.

I purchased a trough (2 ft wide X 3/4 ft deep), added some mud (notice how red uncultivated mud is) and mixed in my compost. I made three troughs this way and planted scallions, radishes, broccoli, beetroot and zucchini. Thus far, no sign of the scallions or zucchini.

Interestingly though I soon had plants that I did not plant! My compost was all the kitchen waste I generated and therefore, was rich in seeds. Apparently, some survived the dessication in the compost. Soon after preparing the pots, pumpkin saplings sprouted in all the troughs. In one, I allowed two to mature while in the rest I proceeded to commit mass murder. However, after the squash invasion was (s)quashed, I noticed a whole bunch of plants with non-squash like leaves. I let them be out of curiosity. In 6 weeks though these champs have grown strong and tall. I have identified one of them as a tomato plant (the fruit was a give away) and another, as a pepper plant. I think the pepper plant is green capsicum; no fruit yet, only flowers.

So in effect I have managed to grow organic vegetables on my balcony and what a joy it is to see them each morning.


  1. It looks lovely and it must have been a pleasant surprise to see plants sprout like that!

  2. Hello girls, Thanks for your comments. I can now confirm that pepper plant is indeed a green bell pepper (capcisum) plant. Today I saw a fruit. Gardening is a joy. I spent Sunday morning cleaning the leaves of the lime plant. For some reason it picks up soot very easily and the leaves turned brown-black. They have all been scrubbed clean now with mild soapy water. So satisfying to see green plant!

  3. Hi, Superb. Looks so cute. After seeing this im also plan to buy organic plants. Everyone must know the benefits of organic foods. Keep posting...
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