14 July 2011

WHY didn't I join the gym sooner?

Many (OK, the few that land here by mistake) might have assumed that I had not written a follow up to my new life at the gym because I may have dropped out. Wrong. I was merely being lazy about updates.

It's odd how for months I thought I didn't have time to go to the gym and yet, now I go religiously 3 times a week; even to the extent of planning my running days and times according to my schedule. A full work out (I have added some toning exercises to my 4K routine) takes me about an hour. Add to the fact that I travel to the gym in peak hour traffic, it's another 30 mins to schedule. So I have mysteriously found an extra 1.5 hours in my day?

My gym is also a great place for people watching. The windows overlook a car park that appears to cater to teenage brats driving their parent's Skodas. Double parking is the norm and countless time cars are pulled out, re-adjusted, pulled back in - it's quite interesting to watch because at least in the limited time I have watched this, there is no apparent rule.

Then there are my gym buddies. Technically, I don't even know their names, but I see them regularly and I have even managed to exchange smiles with one of them. I am absolutely inspired and impressed with my buddies. They come in all shapes and sizes, yet they are determined to work out. It's funny when some of them get on the treadmill with a newspaper or magazine, intending to catch up on their reading only to realise that reading and walking are not entirely compatible. Or I will see a whole row of damsels by the stationery bikes, with their legs mechanically moving as their minds carefully absorb the crystals on a dress worn by someone in a glamour magazine. My favourite though is the BB crowd. It's interesting how a mobile phone is like an an essential organ now. Some only keep it for emergencies while the some text non-stop. I have overheard flirting, cooking tips and bitchy gossip, and it's fun trying to imagine these people from the conversations. Who needs a TV with this kind of entertainment? It's all too jolly.

I broke one of my rules BTW. I weighed myself. About two weeks ago I was 55.4 and yesterday it had moved down to 53.9. No measuring tape yet so I don't know what the hip/ waist situation is like. I do feel lighter, and the crossword is getting is better.

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