22 June 2011


Well, Day 2 can hardly qualify as progress.

As I was popping a mysore pak in my mouth yesterday, I was re-contemplating the whole fat situation. Like, is my fat transient or permanent? As the ghee from the mysore pak melted, I wondered if the fat that I am going to lose (crossing fingers here) is actually going to go away? or is it going to get converted into something else? or is simply going to get smaller.

I got analytical about this. From what I know, fat is stored mainly in adipose tissue and these are distributed according to sex. Women store them in the buttocks (check), thighs (check) and hips (check). At this point I wanted to learn more so I went wiki. Now this fascinating page gives you lots of information on fat and from it I have concluded that belly fat is visceral fat and it might be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. I have always believed that I will die of a heart attack - my body it seems, is working to put this together.

The mysore pak was too sweet suddenly. Anyway, I didn't dwell on this information too long because later in the afternoon, to make up for all the stress of learning about fat, I ate a puff. Now, before you shake your head and tut-tut me reader, I also went for a run yesterday.

KBR park is a hop, skip away from Office so at 5pm I donned the garb and went for a run. I ended up walking for much of the time though, because my body and I differed significantly in spirit. The weird part is: the whole time I was out, all I could think of was the physical exersion. Have to get into the zone; that's what will enable me to forget about the pain and panting. The whole circuit was about 3.5 miles.

Tomorrow is a re-run.

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