25 June 2011

The next run

It was better than the first in that - I could do more running than walking and I therefore, took lesser time. But, it was still unpleasant. I have now convinced my soft चन्दन-सा बदन that it is the heat. Admittedly, it was cooler on this run because I left Office later (6pm vs 5pm), however, my ears got really hot like last time and I found myself panting more because I was thirsty than out of breath.

So, in order not to let this become a losing battle I did something I never thought I would do - signed up at a gym. They call it Pink, some sort of chain, and a sassy young thing walked me through the gym this morning recommending with a beaming smile that I don't need a weight loss package; just a general fitness package would do. If only she knew of my paunch anxieties. I was planning to go back in the afternoon, but I was too happy with my efforts on securing a gas connection with HP gas (this story only when there is a ending) to drive back to the gym.

Now the cryptic crossword awaits.

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