30 June 2011

It's going somewhere - hurrah!

The calorie-burning program has been initiated. They say it typically takes 2 - 3 weeks to know if you are going to stick to a program; but I am on outlier. Well, I am also an optimist. I didn't realize what a disciplined chimp I was till the day of the my first Marathon in DC. The entire gang that trained with AfE New York was bundled in with million other runners in the train to the starting point and a discussion began about how often one missed training runs. Our training was over a 6 month period and as the rest spoke, I realized that I did not miss a single run. I certainly delayed some runs, especially the Sunday 3 miler; but got it out of the way. To give credit to my running mates, their miss-rate was not high either: they could count the missing runs on their fingertips. My point: I have a bit of history sticking to routine.

The gym is quite nice. Filled with babes, mostly determined to lose weight. The weight loss chicks have cards with their details filled out and a measure of accomplishments. I wonder if the gym will publish statistics of how successfully they can motivate people? Anyhow, as I left last night, I noticed they had a message board out in the front in which someone in neat handwriting had proclaimed that pistachios, among other benefits, helps to keep integrity of the membrane. Got me thinking... the things I know that destroy integrity of membranes are detergents: octyl glucoside, SDS or pore-forming toxins. I am not familiar with any agent that helps the integrity - maybe in constituent parts - surely, cholesterol is most important. Academic rigour might not be a strong suit of the gym.

I have a trainer BTW. S is interesting; she flits from "Madam" to "Madam". My efforts to get her to just say my first name are in vain. She still has not understood my motivation and therefore, we are working on getting a routine. The happy news is - running is back on track.

I would inform on the change in stats of body parts; only, I don't have a measuring tape. So once that is procured, I can get a little more quantitative with my progress. Empirically though, it's working: I can solve an average of 1 clue on The Hindu's cryptic on non-exercise days and it jumps to 4 on exercise-days. Happy Days!

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