5 July 2010


I think its a foregone conclusion that Rahul Gandhi is going to one day lead the nation in the position of the biggest cheese aka Prime Minister of the Republic of India.

So as someone who considers (ahem) her tax contributions seriously – I really want to know what the deal is with this gentleman.

Scholar (ahem, ahem) that I am I started at what I consider the backbone of character: Education. I am not much of a detective so I went to wikipedia to look up on these facts. Doon school (snob), Harvard (would he have made it if he was a middle class chokra from vile parle (E)?), then Rollins College (never heard of it) and finally, Cambridge (M Phil in Dev. Studies). At some point it would interesting to read his thesis work for the Masters.

Although he finished studying in 1995 and worked for 3 years after that, he only came back to India in 2002. So what happened in those intervening years? A lot of speculation is possible here so I'll come to a point that is really dear to me:

What exactly are his politics?

What does he think of GM foods? The Bhopal tragedy? The bofors scandal? Homosexuality? Sex education in Schools? RTI & RTE? Ration cards? Free electricity for farmers? The “Maoist” insurgency? Of Indians killing Indians? On Kashmir? On Tibet? On his Grandmother' brilliant idea to declare Emergency?

Which side of the line is he on – left, right, ambivalent or what I fear the most: without the intellect to have an informed opinion.

One thing I constantly hear in the media is that RG is all about young people joining politics. Good show – I agree. But what's the point of signing up – do good for the country? Now if that really was a reason to be in politics then I am St Megha, sign me up. He seems to be able to get the vote out – what is he selling these people – his grandmother's dream of roti, kapada aur makan?

RG seems to be a classic case of a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Pathetically, I too am going to lament his lack of a partner. Simply because that would have been an opportunity to discern his taste.

In the weekend section of The Hindu there is a game (if you figured that the game is called guessWHO then you win a mugful of ready-to-use organic kitchen compost) : A fuzzy image of a well known person is presented and you are supposed to guess the name. I feel Rahul Gandhi is much like that for me right now. And as a young person (Ok, I am going to be 31, so not that young) and as a tax payer, I would like to know why I should be voting him to the hot seat.

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