16 July 2010

31 and counting ...

It's the time of the year again - when the phone doesn't stop ringing and another year has been attached to my age.

I go through ups and downs about my feelings on how to celebrate my birthday. For some years I didn't think that a big deal need be made of it but on others, I would like it to be an event. Some of the best birthdays in fact was while I was in Stony Brook; there was a lab celebration, a home celebration with L & E, celebration with N in New York and then a celebration in NJ. It was a week along affair.

And this birthday I wanted to have some drama so I informed my partner that I expected to be given a present every single day for a week preceding my Birthday. And what did I get: seed packets! Everyday I got a different seed pack, mainly Basils with a lone oregano to break the routine. I was quite impressed with the gifts actually but to give myself credit I had requested these seeds; they just arrived one day at a time.

Otherwise, life is good. As I did last year, I am writing a letter to myself just to keep track of how I am growing. I read the letter I wrote last year and it's interesting that events that I expected to have resolution about have indeed occurred.

Happy Birthday to me.

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  1. good morning Megha!

    hope this day finds you well !