14 June 2010

India knows I'm here!

A delightful slip of a girl came in the morning and counted me as part of the census. I'm in the system! The only question that really bothered me was they wanted to know if I was married or not. hrrump. Happily single was not one my options. Also, it was a bit discouraging when she asked me my place of birth and I gleefully replied, "Jaipur, Rajasthan" and she goes, "Country?" Surely our kids deserve a better education.

The chick was obviously more comfortable in Telegu but she bravely noted everything in English, with me interjecting and supplying spellings at every step. I also like that they asked my Dad and Mom's name; usually its all about Father/ Husband name, and I rebel and only write my Mom's name. And in the evening, stuck to my door was a long receipt in Telegu which I think is my receipt for being counted. There were no digits or numbers on the receipt so I am assuming it's not a bill and just an acknowledgment that Deepa (she signed her name in English!) stopped in today to count me.

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