10 November 2009

Mushroom Barley Soup

I'm almost through my barley packet so this might *possibly* be my last post on barley for a short while. I am replacing my barley love with some millet that I got over the weekend. But till that breaks into my recipe imagination here is the soup...

1 cup Barley (cooked as previously blogged)
1/3 cup finely chopped carrot
2 cups roughly sliced mushrooms ( I had botton; chopped in thirds)
3 tb sp finely chopped scallions
1 tb sp finely chopped dill
2 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp vinegar
1/2 tsp soya sauce
1 tb sp Olive oil
1. While the barley was pressure cooking I chopped up the garlic, scallions, carrot, mushrooms and dill.
2. Heat the oil, add garlic, let it release its pungent odour, then add the carrot and mushrooms. Saute on medium heat. I purposely tossed the carrots with the mushroom as I wanted them crunchy to bite in the final soup. If you like mush, then go ahead and pressure cook them along with the barley. Although if I were to do that I would chop the carrot into one inch long thick sticks.
3. When mushrooms looks like they are changing colour, add the vinegar and soya sauce. Add scallions, toss and let it cook for another minute or so. Take it off the heat and cover it with a lid. The idea behind this was to steam the scallions rather than have them sauteed.
4. When the barley was ready, I added the above mixture and the dill. I again, purposely did not boil the whole concoction because I didn't want the dill to cook. Add salt and freshly cracked pepper to taste.
How was it? Excellent, if I say so myself. Notice that there is no spice in this dish besides the pepper so it was mild. Although I find the barley itself so tasty that it more than makes up for the lack of spice in the dish. But if you like some kick, then go ahead and modify. I think it could do with more soya sauce too.
I have been reading about soups online since it's winter but the temperature here is in the chilly mid-twenties...umm... degree Celsius so I would hardly call this my "winter" recipe. Now for the fox tail millet and beyond.

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