3 October 2009

From Giraffes to Peacocks

I finally climbed out of the no-exercise rut. It's been 5 months since I ran last, on a slow muggy day in Regents Park; more of a goodbye, than a run really.

In the last three months I have managed to recreate my life in Hyderabad, to a very large extent exactly as I had been living in London: I can commute to work by foot, there is an excellent produce shop just near my apartment and almost everything is available to me by foot or easily accessible public transport or share auto. But the one exception was that there was no Regents' park equivalent within walking distance and I missed my giraffes, Annie and Frank. There was an option though - KBR park, which is about 3 km from my home. Although getting there is a pain since I would have to run/walk on Road no 12 which is neither safe nor exciting.

So, I had Father dearest ship Chameli over from Bangalore. Yesterday morning, I unwrapped and serviced her. After a short test ride, I was convinced that my plan was possible: I would bike up to the park, run the 5K being organized by the Hyderabad runners group and bike home. Ta da!

Today morning though, the first hill on Road no 12 left me winded. I had anticipated the hills but I didn't really know that my thighs would burn or I would be huffing and puffing the entire time. Although I'm glad I didn't have any expectations because the unexpected made the ride more enjoyable. The weather helped immensely as well. Its been raining heavily here for the past week and today morning too, it was overcast. There was no rain but a heavenly misty spray brushed my face as I rode up the road. KBR park was delightful; the running trail is all mud, with speed bumps for some strange reason (bikes are not allowed on the track) and with trees on either side. We saw a couple of peacocks; none with the open display of feathers however, something I hoped to see since its raining. I only did 3.9 Km which was the length of one loop, stretched and on my way home, stopped over at Sri Sai Ram Tiffin Centre to grab a pesarittu.

My bum is a bit sore from the riding and my hamstrings are tight; nothing beats these delights of successful exercise!


  1. ever considered skateboard as chameli's alter? ;)

  2. E, skateboard is probably more dangerous and you will have to visit (soon I hope!) to see the killer hills on Road no 12.