6 August 2009

Packing and Unpacking

I have finally got about 95% of my things from various homes into the one at Hyderabad. When I was packing the things I didn't know where they would end up and so, it was hard to decide what I wanted to keep and what went to my auction or to Salvation Army. Now, after a year of living without much of my stuff I can say that I missed none of it. As we grow up we feel that there are some things that define us so well and belong to our personality; without these things we would feel incomplete. But the truth is that if you have the money you could re-create everything over and over again in different destinations. So, I don't think it's the money issue that prompts us to hang on to most things, well not the primary reason anyway.

I belong to that brand of people who are possessive about their books and keep them in immaculate condition, devoting as much to thinking about how to organize my home library as world peace. Yet, for all practical purposes my silly books are not rare editions or out of print books. They are run of the mill and can be purchased from any decent bookshop. So, the conclusion is that we hang on to things out of sentimentality. Sentimental. That feeling also deserves closer inspection. What is sentimental if not an attempt to hang on to a memory that we think deserves special mention? Yet, even without that material possession in your hands it's possible to recreate that memory. The synapses just have to make a special connection in your head.

As I grow older I am certainly adopting a very simple approach to memories. For me, it's got to be written and that's the only form I really need. The rest - pictures, music, fancy serving bowls and a first class chopping board can be recreated. I'm curious to find out if that will change if I have a family. Because that's the only sentimental relationship I am yet to experience and wonder if a clinical application of my new found material-free life would be possible.

Well, that was my procrastinating post; I am yet to unpack most things and I feel like the only decor I have at home is one of card board boxes. The only message I wanted to get across is that if you have lost something valuable or can't decide what to pack during your next move just remember that everything can be recreated. Travel light!

P.S. I think I may miss my chopping board just a wee bit more than what I would like to admit! :)


  1. I belong to that brand of people who devote a lot of time to planning their home library as well ;) Its getting worse since I moved here. Good to know you are getting along with unpacking and stuff.

    Love, Shoots:)