20 July 2009

Share Auto Update

Just wanted to share some more things I have learned about my wonderful public transport - share autos.

  • The sexes segregating - Well, not really. If there are only 3 people sharing, then all 3 share the passenger seat irrespective of sex. Women sit at the back in all cases.
  • If you are a man with a large bum surface area you get stuck in the back because you crowd out the driver in the front.
  • When you reach the end of your share auto destination don't be surprised if there is another share auto waiting to take you to the next popular destination. I do wonder how far the share auto will take me in the city?
  • The maximum number of adults I witnessed being accommodated today was 8 (excluding the driver). Don't puzzle your brain about how they fit - a few people were sitting atop each other.

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