16 July 2009

I'm 30!

I can't exactly say that I have been waiting for this day but I am happy to be getting older. Actually what I think would be perfect is if I could speed through the next 30yrs in 8x speed and arrive at 60. Being older and distinguished sounds far more appealing than being younger and idiotic.

Anyway, the day is here. As compared to my last birthday I feel lighter, happier and far more content than I have ever been. It is rather strange; but life is all about comparison right? You never know how good you have it till you have experienced how bad it really can get!

Today, I have decided to start a new tradition. I'm going to write a letter to myself. A letter describing the status quo, as my father would normally say, to indicate my personal affairs. I am also going to write about my fears and ambitions. This letter is going to be tucked away safe only to be opened next year on the 31st birthday as a reminder to the legacies that I have built so far and the legacies I need to be building. As it struck me during my Edinburgh run, many times we are so focused on looking forward (which is the way to be most times) that we forget how far we have come. So, I want to use my letter to remind myself how far or how little I have come.

Overall though, here's looking forward to another year of experiences and memories which are inspiring but not painful, joyful but not boring and lastly, bloggable!

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