28 June 2009

Last run at Regents Park

This is a quick post. I'm packing up and its going to be a busy day of doing the last minute things in London so pardon the spelling and grammar in this post - I don't have time to re-check!

I got up early by Sunday standards today so that I could run in Regents Park before the zoo crowd got there. I wore my pink short shorts, a sleeveless flimsy excuse for a shirt, slapped on SPF 45, donned the RayBan's and shot out of the apartment. Its probably going to be a while before I can run in shorts and not feel super conscious so I wanted to take this opportunity to 'dress down' for my run. The plan was brilliant considering that its a hot and muggy day. Regents' Park had the usual runners, birds and crazy dogs. Luckily the fountain was on so I could pour cold water down my back and head to cool myself. It felt like the summer runs in Central park when you should aim to be done with your run by 7. Sweat was soon pouring into my eyes, the glasses were slipping thanks to the gooey mess my sunscreen and sweat had created on my nose ridge, and there were white salt lines on my calves. It was worth every minute.

The earth smelt sweet and welcoming. We had some dark rains last evening and earth was soft to run on. The grass was being mowed and, the fragrance of fresh dog poop and green grass permeated the run. I took a detour walking break around the inner circle where all the rose bushes are in full bloom. The smell of roses was intoxicating. So many colours, shapes and sizes were out in bunches everywhere. The roses are of different varieties and labeled, and ironically the only label that caught my eye was "only for you"! Yes, indeed, only for me existed this beautiful garden of flowers with the morning dew still to slip away. All along the brook that runs through the park were birds engaged in various activities. The park was silent except for chirping birds and the occasional whine of a dog who wanted his owner to quit hogging the ball and throw it.

What a beautiful memory.


  1. bon voyage and thanks for sharing how your sunday went :)

    thanks for the comments on my blogposts Megha :). thank you.

  2. Dear M,

    Have you read "The postoffice" By Rabindranath Tagore. I just read it for the first time. Am at a loss for words to express what i feel right now, reading the story.


  3. Hey, came here looking for some news on your new life. 2 weeks and no blog. Hyd is keeping you busy, huh?