27 June 2009

"It's dodgy, yeah?"

Of all the things I have enjoyed in London the one thing I will take back imprinted in my head is the language. Although I have not experienced cockney or other difficult dialects I have picked the language of the masses (of central London) - well, at least the language that buy me some beer (a half; the pint is too large) and chips ( that's fries for the American). And what you want with that sarnie is a packet of crisps not wafers. The fantastic in America was always awesome while here a 'brilliant' covers it all. I don't live in an apartment, I live in a flat. And I don't take the subway I ride the tube. The list is endless but perhaps my favourite word so far: dodgy. This five letter word is a ubiquitous replacement adjective to anything that appears unpalatable, flimsy, scary, shocking, diffuse, shady, questionable... I'm sure you are getting the drift.

I'm sure you all experience moments of absolutely painful pauses when your brain goes through the Rolodex of adjectives and can't find one that suitable? It's also possible that like me you live in a society that doesn't understand the art of Howooda. So, what do you do? You switch the sentence around so that you can call something dodgy. I am proudly taking this back - since it's not in much use in India I'm pretty sure its pronouncement would mean some rounds of explanation which would give me enough time to deflect from what I was trying to say in the first place. Perfect plan to not answer questions. Time to be dodgy, yeah?


  1. good one!

    lovhleh tawhkkhen tta you dahhlen!

    what would the queen like to have this evening? -- a spot of milk in my tea, please

  2. actually a dash of lemon, if I may! :)