25 April 2009

Legacy consultant: A thinly veiled advert

Are you wealthy? Do you want to leave a legacy that will be cherished and appreciated for countless generations? If yes, you may need my services.

Let's face it: you aren't immortal. Sure, if you believe in reincarnation you might think that you will live forever but say you were reborn as an Alligator, the only reason people would remember your name is if you were in a zoo and ate the keeper. Otherwise, you would in essence, just be another Alligator destined to become an anonymous yet wealthy handbag. My point is that no matter what your beliefs, if you want to be remembered, you need to leave a legacy.

The simplest way I see for any human being to leave a legacy is to be a parent. You leave your legacy genetically and culturally. The caveat is that this legacy is not permanent. Over a period of time the genetic legacy gets diluted as your children reproduce. Culturally also your legacy only survives till your children's generation. Unless, that is, you spawn a huge family business empire and leave millions to your family. But let's be honest, how many of us can become Rockefeller?

Right ho, so if you are realistic you would have to agree that given your resources and interests, besides having children you may have to consider other ways of leaving a legacy. Which is why I think there is a big market for legacy consultancy. As my client you have to let me know the amount you want to set aside for creating you legacy and, it will be my job to find you the best avenue to create and sustain that legacy. Ideally the legacy consultant should be a key member of your wealth management team but first, let's talk about your legacy - How long do you want to be remembered for? Do you want the legacy to be self-sustainable? Then importantly - Whom would you want to remember you? Dogs, Salamanders or pithy humans? if humans - what type and age group? Do you want to make it a one-time adventure or slowly build it over time? See how the questions add up?

That is why you need to hire me. I will provide responsible and impartial assessment of what type of legacy you can leave and advise on how best to execute that vision. It doesn't matter what your background or how much you want to set aside. What matters is realizing that your legacy doesn't build itself and it needs constant work. Let me help you with this journey and contribute my razor sharp engines of grey matter to realizing your dreams. Anyone can leave a legacy, so shouldn't you? Hire a legacy consultant today*.

* realizing of dreams not guaranteed. Must be over 18 to hire me. Smokers please excuse.


  1. I want to leave behind a legacy for punk rock lions who cannot sing in key. Can you help?

  2. of course! it all depends on your budget - I'm thinking, on a wild guess since I am not sure who are punk rock lions... a scholarship program for erstwhile lion tamers who want to join operatic classes? or sound proofing for a rehab clinic that offers support to bad singers? Hey, wait a min, you are not paying me so I am not going to give you anymore ideas. Hrrumph.